We provide the tools to bring

restaurant and kitchen concepts to life

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Specifi Cloud

Digitally capture and share ideas with a space planning tool

designed for the food equipment industry

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Specifi Design+

All-inclusive product powered by Autodesk© Technology

to provide you a one stop solution for Kitchen and Food Facility Design

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Features and Benefits of using Specifi

The only end-to-end software platform that streamlines processes for designers, dealers, and manufacturers

The only 3D tool on the market that allows you to simulate the commercial food kitchen in operation

Achieve 35% more efficiency in tasks

A global platform supporting 5 languages, multiple currencies and different unit of measurements

Specifi Products

User-friendly, high-performing digital platform for commercial kitchen and restaurant design.

Integrative digital platform for creating commercial kitchen and restaurant quotes.

A mobile-enabled, cloud-based space planning and sketch tool.

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