The content management service
for kitchen and restaurant equipment manufacturers

When commercial kitchen and restaurant designers using AutoCAD, Bricscad or Revit to create 3D drawings of their design, they use specialized symbols to represent the equipment they’ve chosen. As a manufacturer of that equipment, you know how important  it is to have a library  of BIM and REVIT symbols available for every product in your catalog.

Today’s catering equipment manufacturers are facing the constant challenges associated with the creation, management and maintenance of up-to-date and compliant product catalogues in a digital form. The Specifi® Studio service offers a solution that can not only provide businesses with the information they need, but to a standard that will future proof it forever. Having played a critical role in delivering the world standards now embraced by the FCSI, our designers/programmers are capable of creating the right BIM compliant data. But we don’t stop there. We’ve worked with leading manufacturers in different market sectors to provide dynamic configuration solutions. These unique solutions enable designers, specifiers, consultants and suppliers to utilise their data in more flexible and efficient ways through our market leading design software options. Replacing traditional time consuming methods and processes with the ability to complete fast, accurate, fully synchronised work on the most complex of projects.

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 Specifi® Studio Service

Specifi® has created a subscription service that is designed specifically for food equipment manufacturers. This service allows them to lower their overall cost for creating, maintaining and publishing their product catalogue and price lists in digital format.

The service is tiered to allow each manufacturer to customize the service to their unique product portfolios.

Specifi® Studio 1

Publish and Maintain


  • Organize and create a searchable database of the customers product catalogue
  • Map all the pricing to the appropriate product model #s by language and by geography
  • Update the customer’s information in a timely fashion and proactively request updates from the company
  • Map all the current CAD and BIM symbol content to pricing and technical information

Specifi® Studio 2

Update and Insure


  • Include all the benefits of Specifi® Studio I
  • Over the course of the subscription term  update their prioritized content to make it 3D enabled and adherent to industry Standards
  • Create new 3D DWG and BIM symbols for all new catalogue additions
  • In the event of any industry standards change, technical changes (i.e. file format change) modify all existing and future content for compatibility
  • Ensure the utility of all of a customer’s existing content

Specifi® Studio 3

The Complete Package


  • Include all the benefits of Specifi® Studio I and Specifi® Studio II
  • Create all needed content to provide 100% coverage of the entire product catalogue as defined by the customer
  • In addition,  to Creating  new 3D DWG and BIM symbols for all new product additions,  Specifi® will create any needed information for the existing products
  • Publish the content within the Specifi® DB as well as publish the customer’s content in CESABIM and EFCEMBIM according to associations rules