Online digital catalog management console
for commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment manufacturers

The vast amount of data and information that a manufacturer must create and manage is spread across several different and unrelated archives is a daunting task. Food equipment manufacturers need a simple tool that can simplify this process, integrating every piece of  equipment data, codes, CAD&BIM  symbols,  descriptions,  pricelists, dimensions and availability.

Specifi® Publish is the solution designed to address this business challenge. The  intuitive digital platform lets you create, manage, and market from one centralized and customized console, making sure your digital presence and digital catalog is always up-to-date.

System Requirement


  • Intel® Core processor, Core i5, i7 2 GHz
  • 8GB RAM or more
  • 1280 x 1024 color video display adapter (True Color)
  • Direct3D graphics card with minimum capacity 1GB
  • 2GB of hard disk available not including libraries’ installation
  • Windows 78, 8.1 and 10

Specifi® Publish Features

  • Module that simplifies the management of all business data and technical data
  • Simple and intuitive interface for comparing product descriptions and verifying trade names
  • Management of personal libraries, creation of special elements, management of the items not included in the catalogues, and of the special elements
  • Ability to export to XLS or PDF price lists and analytics for fast distribution and resolution of any technical issues
  • Export to an interchange file all the technical and commercial information in order to upgrade the database contained in the ERP, with a specific tailor made procedure (upon request)
  • Microsoft SQL or SQL-Lite format for any website or multimedia CD-ROM
  • Technical support contract by telephone, tickets, e-mail and remote connection to the user’s pc.