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Safety In Design – Commercial Kitchens

A good commercial kitchen design involves more than aesthetics and food-prep functionality — a commercial kitchen must be safe. Optimize your kitchen design to reduce workplace accidents and improve cooking efficiency. Learn how you can do that in the infographic... read more

Factors When Designing A Commercial Kitchen

Almost everyone has some home-design experience, be it something simple like deciding on a color scheme for your new home’s master bath or doing a complete DIY job on an outdated kitchen. Those types of residential re-do jobs tend to emphasize décor above all else,... read more

Revit vs AutoCAD

Most foodservice consultants have at least one memory of an issue in a project that affected equipment performance, and it wasn’t their fault.  Ducts above display refrigerators that suck cool air towards them, intakes directly over dishwasher load or worse, unload... read more